1380 Blue Hole Rd Harrisburg, IL 62946

About Us

Licensed &

D&D Electric is a family owned company that is headquartered in Harrisburg, IL. We are a company of electricians, engineers, and laborers with decades of hands on experience in a number of services and specialties.

Since being licensed for solar installation in 2016, we have worked throughout Southern Illinois and beyond installing solar for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. We are able to customize your solar installation specific to your needs. From roof or ground mounts to pergolas and hobby sheds, and any other idea you may have, we CAN engineer a solution for you. We bring VARIED and DEEP knowledge of our field to your project, creating special opportunities to make your project a success.

Our electricians have experience installing solar systems, but also decades of experience with electrical work as well. No matter your need—residential, commercial, or industrial—we have the expertise to not only do it, but to do it WELL.

At D&D we take pride in offering you not only excellence in our work, but excellence in our service. We value being a place people love to work, and we believe that translates to our customers as an excellent experience.

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