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So, you are ready to explore solar, but it seems overwhelming. This is not uncommon at all. But this is where D&D makes it easy. So, let us walk you through the process.


Are you ready to reduce your electric bill? Looking to go off grid?  Wanting to “Go Green” or just do more for the environment? If your answer is yes to any or all of these then solar is for you.  We have a proven track record of excellent work, pricing, and results with D&D Electric, LLC solar for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.


D&D goes above and beyond to make sure that you have an excellent experience throughout the process and for the life of your solar system.

We have combined decades of experience installing solar for residential, business, and even industrial applications. Our team of experienced electricians are experts in their fields.

We have experience in a variety of system types made to suit your home, land, or project. We are not a “cookie cutter” solar company, so your use, location, size, and look may vary, but we will work to make it happen.

We make the process easy!  We work with you to make sure that you know exactly what is going on through the entire process.  

You have heard solar can save you money…BUT HOW? And what about the installation cost?
  • With this investment you can reduce your electric bill for the life of your system
  • Government subsidies may be available to help offset the costs. 
  • Savings come to you through electricity production (savings on electric bill), tax credits, SRECS and grants (where applicable). 
  • SRECS are credits that are sold on an exchange to entities who need to purchase “credits” to offset their carbon footprint. You benefit by producing the lower cost electricity for yourself, as well as reaping these credits as one time or quarterly payments. SREC payments tend to offset a large portion of the cost of your solar installation.
  • Tax credits for solar change year to year, but can also represent a large repayment from the government back to you on your next tax refund to help offset the cost of solar installation. 
  • Grants may be available for businesses to install solar, and can often take the total cost of installation much lower, when taken into account with the other savings described above. 
  • We do offer grant writing for commercial and industrial projects (cannot be used for personal electrical projects).
  • The average solar customer payoff is about 3-6 years when all these factors are taken together.  For some it is even sooner!
D&D Electric, LLC and our solar products are industry leading:
  • Guarantee provided for installation: panels 27 years, inverters 12 years, workmanship 5 years 
  • SRECS are obtained for you
  • Generator and battery backup systems available
  • We have electrical certification and Illinois solar license
  • References available upon request
  • Excellence with both ground mount and roof mount systems
  • We can engineer and customize a system to your specific needs
  • Experience with solar field installation
  • Consultants with solar farm development
  • Financing available through various institutions
How does solar installation work?

Before a system is installed

  • A “load study” is performed to determine size of system needed (how much power do you consistently use).  We will need to look at several months’ power bills. 
  • Then an on site evaluation is performed to determine the most secure way to connect your solar and meter to the grid.
  • We then design and test the production of proposed system to optimize electricity output, discuss government subsidies/grants with system size options, and select location on property for solar.
  • Personalized bid for project proposed to home owner
  • Financing offered for qualified buyers
  • Act as liaison for homeowner with the utility company
  • File for SRECS for the homeowner

When approved and construction begins

  • Piles driven into ground
  • Structure for solar panels erected
  • Panels mounted
  • Panels and inverters wired at the array
  • Wiring trenched from solar panels to meter
  • Working with utility company to ensure inspection and connection are successful

Once installation is done

  • Job inspection to ensure that everything is completed, cleaned, and the customer is satisfied 
  • We even offer ongoing maintenance/ inspection options
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